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New Blockchain Government can start issuing us all MORE and BETTER BITCOIN - saving the entire world - in the new Digital Economy

  We need to replace all the 'Smart Asses' with the 'Smart Contract'.  Get US Started down the right direction.  The last several years of history predicts our future and it's not good. Learn how to initiate a BlockChain Government - one that is powered by the Internet, cannot be hacked, includes everyone and solves all (or most) of our problems INSTANTLY. OR you can continue to wait in HOUR-LONG LINES at the polling places and worry about "POLL WATCHERS" with guns.  Come-On Man. Get your COPY NOW - START TELLING THE WORLD! Kindle and Print AUDIBLE BOOK - COMING SOON Never before in the history of Humanity has it been more obvious to more people that a great change in the way we do things must begin. When our present government was created in 1789, there was nothing even on the horizon like Electricity, Computers, the Telephone or the Internet.  It's amazing we got this amount of democracy considering how it all ha